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Sustainability is one of the great challenges of our generation - it’s the watchword for most companies, regardless of the nature of their business. But whilst many talk about it, real change is driven by actually living and working by the rules of sustainable practices.

Whether companies make products or offer services, society recognises that if we don’t all play our part in looking after our planet’s resources – reducing the materials we use and recycling more – then the future will look very different. Companies who make products which consumers may use only once or twice share this responsibility even more.

That’s why here at Fleet Luxury, we don’t simply claim to be sustainable - we base our entire business around those principles, constantly proving ourselves as a market leader with the most eco-friendly and ethical products.

We share our customers’ vision of a more sustainable future

Luxury, sustainable packaging doesn’t have to be a contradiction.

We prove every day that the two can go hand in hand, with tailor-made products that make brands as well as customers proud, and with minimum environmental impact. We’ve been a trusted advisor on bespoke luxury packaging to over 3,000 retailers across the luxury goods market worldwide. As a market leader we take our responsibilities very seriously – and for good reason.

The research speaks volumes; a recent McKinsey survey found that 67% of customers thought that a brand’s use of sustainable materials was an important factor in their purchasing decision. 63% classed a brand’s promotion of their sustainability credentials in the same way.

It seems the recent Covid pandemic has put the fragility of life into sharper focus; more than half of consumers have made significant changes to their lifestyle to reduce their environmental impact, and 60% now go out of their way to buy and recycle products which have environmentally-friendly packaging.

Our products help to ensure a guilt-free retail experience for customers, as well as making it easier for them to reuse and recycle.

Reusable or recyclable? 

If a material isn’t recyclable, Fleet Luxury aim to make it reusable.

Reusing something generally means you don’t change the object or its purpose – you simply keep using it beyond its original use. It doesn’t usually require energy to do this. Fleet Luxury’s products - which are well designed and engineered from natural, durable materials - are easy to reuse whilst still offering great brand quality.

Recycling, however, means putting objects through a process which returns them to a state when they can be made in new things once again. This usually requires energy, but the amount needed will often be less than it would take to make the material from scratch – and no new resources have to be used.

Plastic can be a particularly hard material to recycle or to separate for reuse - which is why we’re pledging to remove all single-use plastic from our customer base by 2022.

Work with nature – not against it

True change requires real insight and a strong commitment to doing things differently. Rather than simply stopping making something, we like to think about natural alternatives. Take our biomass plastics, for example, which are made from sustainable bamboo or soya. We also use blended paper, which is strong and durable thanks to its blend of paper and cotton – so no plastics are needed.

Being sustainably aware of how our work can impact the planet isn’t just the ethically correct thing to do, it’s also good business sense. Because of our market-leading position and the reputation we’ve built up within our sector, we can help to share best practice when it comes to sustainability.

Attention to detail – and innovation

Our attention to detail is a key part of our approach – right down to bag handles made from 100% recycled material, we’ve reviewed and environmentally-optimised our entire range of products.

Fleet Luxury’s bespoke sustainable solutions include:


  • Paper-based filler and packaging – no bubble wrap or foam

  • All paper is Forestry Stewardship Council (FSC®) certified

  • Crocodile-return tear strips

  • Plastic-free coatings and fitments

  • Plant based inks and glues

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