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Fleet Luxury Packaging Ltd is 100% committed to finding ways of reducing our impact on the environment.


We work constantly to reduce our use of plastic while promoting recycled and FSC® certified papers. If it is not recyclable, we aim to make it reusable, and we endeavour to guide clients away from all single use plastic.

Our development team have been instrumental in the manufacture and introduction of paper 'rope' handles which are made from 100% recycled material and are fully recyclable and compostable.


We strive to use vegetable and plant-based inks, water-based glues and varnishes at every opportunity. 

Best Practice:

  • PCW Paper

  • Recyclable

  • FSC® Certified

  • Water-Based Inks

  • Water-Based Varnish

  • Paper Handles

  • Non-Animal Based Glue

Fleet Luxury have always advocated using materials sourced from sustainable sources and only ever use paper and raw materails that have been responsibly sourced.


Where appropriate and when requested, either by client choice or local legislation enforces, we can use FSC® certified or FSC® certified PCW material in order to comply.

Sustainability in luxury retail packaging is imperative to align brands with environmentally-conscious consumer values. By adopting eco-friendly materials and practices, luxury retailers reduce their carbon footprint, conserve resources, and preserve ecosystems, fostering a positive brand image. Such initiatives enhance long-term profitability, cater to evolving consumer preferences, and contribute to a healthier planet, ensuring a harmonious balance between opulence and responsible consumption for present and future generations.

Elevating luxury design while maintaining ethical and sustainable retail packaging is attainable through innovative materials, efficient production processes, and conscious design choices. Incorporating renewable resources, minimizing waste, and embracing recyclability can preserve opulence while reducing environmental impact. Thoughtful sourcing and transparent supply chains further ensure ethical practices. By harmonizing aesthetic allure with eco-consciousness, luxury brands foster consumer trust, adapt to shifting values, and contribute positively to the planet, demonstrating that lavishness can coexist with responsibility in an era prioritizing both elegance and sustainability.

If you would like more information about our sustainability credentials please get in touch here

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* FSC® certified is valid for the UK only.

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