FLEET LUXURY is at the forefront of the luxury packaging industry. 

With over 40 years of experience in the retail packaging trade, we pride ourselves on our in-depth knowledge, as well as our commitment to innovation and our ability to remain a key dynamic player in the luxury retail sector. 

We specialise in the manufacturing, supply and distribution of a wide range of luxury products, with our areas of expertise ranging from fashion and cosmetics, to jewellery and watches.

Our skill in providing premium packaging solutions, expertly tailored to each client’s distinct individual needs, has gained us the support of key luxury leader brands in the UK. They trust us to create beautiful packaging that always remains faithful to their ethos.

We place great emphasis on customer care, and go to considerable lengths to give total satisfaction. At every step of the process, from the sourcing of materials to the supply and distribution of products, we guarantee exceptional quality. 

At FLEET LUXURY, we are the supplier of choice for the discerning buyer seeking packaging that marries beauty and luxury, with contemporary design and functionality.