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Only alcohol kills COVID-19!


At Fleet, our mission is to help our clients deliver the best possible buying experience to their customers. To support the reopening of British businesses, we are pleased to offer a range of products to enable staff and customers to work and shop with peace of mind while observing the new guidelines around hygiene and social distancing. These include hand sanitiser, clear protective screens, infrared thermometers and a range of face masks - all fully certified and available at cost price to our valued customers

Hand Sanitiser


Our sanitiser has 75% alcohol content for maximum protection. It is fully compliant with biocidal products regulation and has HSE approval. It also carries 24-hour emergency contact details, managed by Chem-Tel, meeting all relevant legal and regulatory requirements for distribution in the UK.


Prices as shown, orders welcome by unit, case or pallet. All orders are subject to VAT and delivery

160 units per case
£1.30 per unit
250ml with pump
36 units per case
£3.74 per unit
500ml with pump
16 units per case
£4.98 per unit
5 litre with pump
2 units per case
£38.50 per unit


Aerosol alcohol spray


Kill germs quickly and easily with this 70% alcohol content aerosol spray. Can be used to sanitise

most hard surfaces including mobile phones, computers, handrails, door handles, steering wheels,

shopping trolleys and more. BS EN1697 compliant, made in the UK. 


400ml @ £5.49 per unit, 12 units per case


Microfibre cloths

Add microfibre cloths to your order for rapid surface cleaning with our aerosol 70% alcohol spray.


24 pack @ £14.98


Infrared thermometer

A temperature over 37.5 degrees Celsius is one of the key signs of coronavirus infection.

Check the temperature of staff and customers before they enter your store with this quick

and easy-to-use model which comes with a certificate of conformity to guarantee compliance

with regulatory standards. 

Cost: £43.50 + VAT & delivery


Face masks

Suitable for use by shop, warehouse and manufacturing staff, we have a wide

range of face masks available to order now.

Washable neoprene face mask:
2000 units per carton @ £0.46 per unit 
Packs of 20 @ £0.60 per unit

Cotton face mask
500 units per carton @ £1.64 per unit

Cotton face mask
with breathing valve

500 units per carton @ £1.90 per unit

Plastic visor
£2.87 per unit

black neoprene.png
black reusable inside .jpg
face shield.png
black reusable with valve.jpg

Orders are subject to VAT and delivery. Fleet guarantees a secure and steady supply of protective equipment and accessories at cost price for the long term, stored within our warehouse facility and delivered to our clients within our usual fulfilment framework.

To place an order, please call our office on +44 (0)1634 730334 to discuss your requirements.

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