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Sample Box Collaboration with Jo Vincent

Fleet Luxury Packaging proudly unveils its innovative sample box and packaging, a testament to our unparalleled design skills and expertise in retail packaging. Collaborating with our talented staff member, Jo Vincent, an artist who triumphed over two strokes and open-heart surgery nearly two decades ago, we've incorporated some of Jo's extraordinary artwork into the sample box. This not only showcases Jo's remarkable creativity but also elevates the overall aesthetic of the packaging. The sample boxes, meticulously crafted by Fleet, serve as a tangible representation of our commitment to excellence and attention to detail.


We've enthusiastically dispatched these boxes to both existing and prospective clients, aiming to highlight our unparalleled skill set and dedication to delivering packaging solutions that transcend expectations.

Fleet Luxury Packaging takes pride in merging artistry with functionality, setting a new standard in the realm of retail packaging.

We caught up with Jo and she explained more about her story:

“I am a self-taught disabled artist: my art focuses on colourful atmospheric, emotion-filled, vivid abstract paintings in oils and acrylics on canvas. I found my passion for painting while recovering from two life-changing strokes and open-heart surgery at age 26. Art has remained a significant part of my life ever since.

Through my abstract artwork I express my emotions, mood and my journey as a person living with invisible disability. My creative life has been a positive influence on my health and general well-being ever since my strokes and is my sanctuary during the challenging times. My passion for painting continues to grow, I get great satisfaction in improving my artistic skills and exploring different painting practices. As a result, in recent years I have found my voice as an abstract artist and my work has evolved and blossomed into something that I am immensely proud of and excited to share with the world.”

Jo went on to say “In December 2022 I was granted funding from Arts Council England to develop my abstract painting and professional practices. Giving me the opportunity to attend a variety of professional abstract painting courses in both Florence Italy and London. This Art Council Support is expanding my professional opportunities including plans to move to Folkestone in Kent to become part of the up-and-coming Folkestone Creative Quarter at the beginning of 2024.”

We also asked Jo about her work with young people and she told us “I also have the great privilege teaching young creatives with additional learning needs and disabilities. Showing them the beneficial nature of art on health and well-being and the joy of finding a voice through creativity.”

Clients have responded with overwhelming delight upon receiving our innovative sample boxes, expressing admiration for the fusion of artistic brilliance and impeccable craftsmanship. The incorporation of Jo Vincent's artwork has been met with accolades, emphasizing our commitment to uniqueness.

Adding an unexpected delight, we included a luxury chocolate bar from another esteemed client, the renowned Soho-based chocolatier William Curley. This thoughtful touch has amplified the positive reactions, creating a memorable experience beyond just packaging. Clients appreciate the extra mile we've taken to enhance their unboxing experience, solidifying Fleet Luxury Packaging's reputation for not only meeting but exceeding expectations.

To experience the excellence of Fleet Luxury Packaging's innovative sample box, click the link below to request one by mail. Alternatively, call us for more information on how our expertise can elevate your brand through exceptional retail packaging.



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