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Celebrating the Partnership Between Les Soeurs de Noé and Fleet Luxury Packaging

By Isabelle Lesgent,

Directrice Commerciale Europe

Les Soeurs de Noé, a distinguished perfume line in the Parfums de Niche, was founded by Nadia Benaisa. Inspired by her children, Nadia dedicated the name to them, reflecting her values of authenticity, respect, candour, and generosity. These values are woven into fragrances that bridge the rich cultural tapestry of the Orient and the West.

Nadia's commitment to quality and respect for ingredients is evident throughout Les Soeurs de Noé. Partnering with Robertet, a family-owned business known for transparency and traceability, ensures each perfume embodies exceptional craftsmanship and honours those who produce the exquisite ingredients.

In October 2022, Les Soeurs de Noé began a fruitful partnership with Fleet Luxury Packaging. Initially, we focused on producing generic perfume boxes that matched the brand’s elegant colour palette of blue, silver, and purple. This collaboration quickly evolved, leading to the development of a display-friendly box that secured the perfume bottle during transport. Our innovative solution, maintaining the original colour scheme, ensured the bottle remained undamaged, leading to multiple reproductions and strengthening our partnership.

As Les Soeurs de Noé expanded its fragrance offerings, we developed new perfume boxes featuring bold colours like red, black, and gold. Additionally, we created discovery boxes, paper bags, and 2 ml foldable boxes to meet their evolving needs. Our latest project includes producing stylish e-commerce boxes to enhance the online shopping experience for their customers.

Working with Nadia and her team has been incredibly rewarding. Nadia’s commitment to excellence and openness to our recommendations have fostered a collaborative environment that drives innovation. The partnership between Les Soeurs de Noé and Fleet Luxury Packaging exemplifies the power of collaboration and a shared goal of delivering exceptional products to the market.

"I am very pleased and honoured that Les Soeur de Noé has been chosen to be mentioned in your next newsletter. The article is so well written and perfectly captures the essence of our partnership. This newsletter is a wonderful opportunity to highlight our great collaboration and share our common story. Thank you again for this attention and for the magnificent work carried out. Working with you and your team is a wonderful experience." - Nadia Benaisa, Founder of Les Soeurs de Noé.

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