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Helping Retail to Reopen

Updated: Jun 4, 2020

Barely a business in the country will have escaped the impact of the coronavirus pandemic. Since the UK went into lockdown in March, many have been forced to cease trading completely while others have had to drastically change the way they operate. Being adaptable has never been so important, and as the UK’s high streets prepare to spring back into action, here at Fleet we have been adapting our business to support the reopening of retail.

Fleet Luxury has specialised in providing bespoke packaging solutions since 2004. When you splash out on something special – be it clothing, cosmetics, beauty products, jewellery or a stunning new watch – there is a good chance that the luxurious bag or presentation box it arrives in will have been supplied by us. We have been a provider of choice for leading brands for over 16 years, but we also work closely with thousands of artisans, producers and independent retailers across the UK and beyond.

Things were initially very quiet when the lockdown was imposed, until some of our hospitality clients began looking at ways to diversify their business and asked us for help with creating some bespoke packaging for their new take-away offerings. Then, with the announcement that restrictions were set to ease in June, others began to consider how they would create a safe trading environment for staff and customers, and many turned to us for advice.

As our Managing Director, Mark Lowry, explains, “We are used to our clients coming to us for luxury packaging but suddenly they were asking us for help with something quite different. Hand sanitiser, face masks, Perspex screens, thermometers – all these things are vital for safe trading going forward but most businesses have never had to source them before. In this current situation retailers need to know that they can access a reliable supply of protective equipment without being at the mercy of huge mark ups. We realised that Fleet could help.”

Through our existing supply chain network, we have been able to establish a guaranteed, long-term supply of a wide range of protective equipment which could be stored in our warehouse facility and distributed via our fulfilment framework, both as a standalone offering and with our packaging orders. The aim is not to make a profit – indeed we barely cover our costs on many of these products. But by looking after retailers’ needs now, we hope that Fleet will be doing its bit to help secure the long-term future of the high street.

“Our mission is to help retailers deliver the best possible shopping experience to their customers,” says Lowry. “Despite the challenges that may lie ahead, we believe the demand for great products and great packaging will still be there, but so will the need to shop safely. We are committed to the high street and delighted to be able to support the UK’s retail community.”

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