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The Iconic Brand Edit - New & Lingwood

A British icon founded in 1865, New & Lingwood has been creating esteemed men's tailoring and is the official outfitter for the students of Eton College.

Upholding long-standing traditions and renowned quality standards, the history of this truly English brand emanates through every piece, from its refined tailoring and shirts, through to shoes and silk accessories. With stores in Eton, London's Jermyn Street and now Chiltern Street, New & Lingwood is the go-to for unique, quintessentially English luxury tailoring.

Fleet Luxury have proudly been working with New & Lingwood for over 10 years across their entire packaging range. When it was time for a carrier bag redesign, what was presented to us was The New & Lingwood Peacock, their unmistakable motif which captures not only the bold aesthetic of N&L’s clothing, but also the taste and confidence of their customers.

The design is an evolution of a pattern found in the cotton lining of a 19th century silk ceremonial robe and to make the original design their own, we focused on the peacock, enhancing its elegance by simplifying it to a three-colour pattern that we freshly rendered in different palettes.

Over the years the peacock has graced not only dressing gowns, but slippers, smoking caps, ties and now, carrier bags - truly becoming an icon of style and luxury the world over.

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