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Welcome back to our High Street!

Updated: Jan 17

We at Fleet Luxury hope you have all had a great opening week! Nothing could have kept us away on Monday [that weather??!] and it was so good to see the High Street buzzing again and the amount of carrier bags in hands! Long may it continue.

Don’t forget, we’re here if you need anything - from sustainable Luxury carrier bags to Ribbon, Printed tissue paper to Branded hangers, Luxury eCommerce and Gift boxes plus everything in between! Please call the team on +44 (0)1634 730334 or email and we will get you replenished in no time.

If a new sustainable project has been on your to do list, let us help guide you on a more environmentally alternative that still shouts luxury.

Have a brilliant opening week, month… year! We’re so pleased to see you back.

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